Welcome To SONXI Jewelry Vietnam!
Date Submitted: 27/02/2023 11:47 AM

    Mission and values of creativity for people

    ❖Each customer is a separate person, need to be honored with radiant beauty, We aspire to create designs for a separate jewelry line and serve in different ways. We are also constantly innovating models, in order to together with customers to raise the perfect value, provide exquisite products with quality worthy of class.

    ❖The foundation for a business to grow is a society that develops to meet everyone's beauty needs.

    ❖SONXI is committed to reinvesting in machinery and equipment to improve product quality by linking production and business activities with social activities in the future.

    Core values

    Core values are SONXI's commitment to customers, partners and businesses, to society and to ourselves. These values are the guideline for all activities of SONXI to become a jewelry manufacturing and trading enterprise for the purpose of human beauty.

    1.Reality is the criterion from which truth originates.

    2.Grow through challenges and failures.

    3.Rapid adaptation is a competitive strength.

    4.Creativity is vitality.

    5.Combination of Classical - Modern style.

    6.Flexible design in pioneering ways to innovate and create.

    7.SONXI hướng là ngôi nhà chung cho cộng đồng.

    Corporate social responsibility

    ❖We focus on investing in production and business infrastructure.

    ❖The goal orientation is to design and create fashion-class models. Take quality as the core factor.

    Our commitment

    ❖Each employee is a brick building the common house SONXI in the development of the business to return to contribute to the community and society.

    ❖Accompanying partners and customers to create excellent products with great creations in design to serve customers as if they want to send a thousand thanks.

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