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Date Submitted: 27/02/2023 01:40 PM


    ❖At the end of 2008, amidst the turmoil of the economy due to the impact of the global financial crisis, we - young engineers and workers in the jewelry industry - together established Co., Ltd. Trade and Import-Export WHITE STAR with the ambition to create the most beautiful jewelry products for consumers and win back the market that is dominated by imports.

    ❖On 11/11/2008 Trading and Import-Export Company Limited WHITE STAR was established with only 4 members at the address: E8/29A Thoi Hoa, Vinh Loc A Commune, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. . Now moved to C6A/37 Hamlet 3, Vinh Loc B Commune, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

    ❖Initially, with limited resources and personnel, WHITE STAR only performed jewelry plating processing at the request of customers. Overcoming difficulties and challenges step by step, with dedication and inquisitiveness in the profession, WHITE STAR has gone one step further, producing and finishing complete jewelry products. With the trust of customers because of diverse designs and stable quality, STAR STAR has boldly invested in modern equipment and machinery to improve production capacity to meet the requirements of the day. more demanding customers. Since then, WHITE STAR's jewelry products have gradually dominated the fashion jewelry market, knocking out imported products and regaining market share for domestically produced products. The WHITE STAR brand was confirmed and became the processing partner of the Vietnamese jewelry brand.

    ❖In 2012, realizing the great demand of the market for the plating processing industry on stainless steel materials that traditional plating (electroplating) could not meet, with a team of skilled and experienced technicians. With the available experience, WHITE STAR has gradually researched, sent technicians abroad to study, and imported machinery and equipment on PVD plating technology (Physical Vapour Deposition). vacuum environment).

    ❖By 2013, after many difficulties with failed tests, WHITE STAR had commercialized PVD plating technology and opened an office to receive PVD plating processing at 497 National Highway 1A, Binh Ward. Hung Hoa, Binh Tan District, HCMC. In the same year, WHITE STAR invested to open a plating workshop using Nano Chrome technology at the same address above. Thus, with the possession of 2 most advanced plating technologies and extensive experience in the field of traditional plating, WHITE STAR has become the leader in the plating processing industry in Vietnam.

    ❖As a pioneer in the application of PVD technology in Vietnam market, WHITE STAR has brought solutions to many manufacturing fields using stainless steel materials such as motorcycle parts, sanitary ware industry. , home appliances, interior decoration. Previously, when they wanted to plated with PVD technology, manufacturers had to process them abroad (usually China), which was very expensive in terms of time and transportation costs. Since PVD plating technology was applied in Vietnam by WHITE STAR, manufacturers have had a reliable partner to process in the country, saving a lot of time and costs as well as minimizing avoid the risk of incomplete products, thereby, better meet the requirements of customers as well as increase profits. It can be said that WHITE STAR has contributed a small part in increasing the value in the value chain of domestic products, minimizing dependence on imported products.

    ❖To meet the increasing requirements of customers, WHITE STAR constantly invests in equipment and improves production capacity. In early 2017, the Company imported a PVD coating machine system with the largest storage capacity in Vietnam to meet the needs of customers in the field of interior decoration with large-sized products.

    ❖Desire to have a product with Vietnamese brand that can compete with imported products and realize the demand and gap in the market. With the advantages and available resources, at the end of 2016, WHITE STAR has researched, tested, manufactured and marketed PVD coating machines. Due to production development requirements, at the beginning of 2017 WHITE STAR COMPANY changed its name to SONXI Import-Export Trading Co., Ltd. and established a new factory for pvd coating machine production and PVD plating processing at address: 226E /2 An Phu 17, Quarter 1B, An Phu Ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province.

    ❖Always self-improvement in order to bring quality products at reasonable prices is the top criterion that SONXI Import-Export Trading Co., Ltd always commits to customers.



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